Tequila Bar Menu

Our bartenders are chefs in the bar—making cocktails from scratch, using premium tequilas, mezcal, infusions, liqueurs, artisan sodas,
fresh squeezed juices, fruit and herbs.


large blue margaritas and well drinks
$5 house wine

$1 off all draft beer

Monday-Friday, 4–7pm


free with the purchase of an beverage

Mon-Fri, 4:30–6:30pm


half price appetizers

Dallas, Plano, Addison & Arlington locations only

Sat-Sun, noon–7:30pm



Classic Blue   7 / craft jar 25 (rocks only)

the original blue signature frozen or on the rocks made with 100% agave tequila

Puro Verde  9.5

tequila of the month   

Our tequila brand of the month. The reposado is in the top shelf margarita and the blanco in the Pineapple Hatch Margarita.

top shelf of the month   9.5 / craft jar 33

hand shaken and served up with cabo wabo reposado, organic agave nectar and fresh squeezed lime juice

top shelf fresh fruit cocktail of the month  9.5 / craft jar 33

pineapple hatch margarita made puro verde silver, muddled grilled pineapple, fresh hatch, lemon and lime juice 9.5

tequila tap

Ice cold tequila

avión silver 9 /cabo wabo blanco 9 /milagro silver 9

flight of the month    9.5

our featured tequila’s portfolio of silver, reposado and añejo with a sangrita chaser

tequila flights

a great way to sample and compare 3 separate premium tequilas. shots of 3 tequilas of your choice, with a sangrita chaser

any 3 of the blancos, reposados or añejos 9.5

business class
any 3 of the ultra-premiums 15

first class
any 3 of the extra ultra-premiums 30

Tequila Craft Cocktails

premium tequilas, hand squeezed juices, fresh fruit, organic agave nectar

cucumber jalapeño smash   9 / craft jar 33

milagro silver, fresh cucumbers, jalapeños, organic agave nectar, fresh lime and lemon juice, tajin spice rim

smoked tamarind mule   9 / craft jar 33

avión silver, agwa de bolivia herbal liqueur, tamarind organic agave nectar, ginger beer, fresh lime and lemon juice, smoked salt rim

mango heater  9 / craft jar 33

blue nectar silver, fresh mango, habanero chiles, organic agave nectar, fresh lime and lemon juice, tajin spice rim

pina dulce   9 / craft jar 33

puro verde silver, pineapple, cilantro, ginger syrup, organic agave nectar, fresh lime and lemon juice

strawberry fields   9 / craft jar 33

cabo wabo blanco, muddled strawberry, mint, organic agave nectar, fresh lime and lemon juice, ginger beer

manzana   9 / craft jar 33

suerte blanco, agwa de bolivia herbal liqueur, muddled apples, organic agave nectar, fresh lime and lemon juice

Premium Spirits Craft Cocktails

fresh handcrafted premium beverages

muddled mojo   8 / craft jar 29

sailor jerry spiced rum, muddled mint, fresh basil, fresh lime and lemon juice, organic agave nectar

peppered mary   8 / craft jar 29

reyka vodka, spicy tomato juice, muddled jalapeños, cracked pepper, old bay seasoning, salted rim with bacon garnish

ancho whiskey sour  8 / craft jar 29

tullamore dew irish whiskey, ancho reyes liqueur, orange bitters, fresh lime and lemon juice, organic agave nectar, rose water


best for shots and frozen margaritas. 100% blue agave, not aged. bottled immediately after the distillation process.

1800   9
Avion   9
Blue Nectar   9
Cabo Wabo   9
Cazadores   9
Don Julio   10
El Jimador   8
Herradura   10

Milagro   9
Olmeca Altos   8.5
Partida   10
Patrón   10
Puro Verde   9
Suerte   9
Tres Generaciones   10


best for margaritas on the rocks. “rested” 100% blue agave.  aged in oak barrels for up to 1 year, no less than 2 months.

1800   9.5
Avion   9.5
Blue Nectar  9.5
Cabo Wabo   9.5
Cazadores   9.5
Don Julio   10.5
El Jimador   8.5
Herradura   10.5

Milagro   9.5
Olmeca Altos   9
Partida   10.5
Patrón   10.5
Puro Verde   9.5
Suerte   9.5
Tres Generaciones   10.5


best for sipping. “old” 100% blue agave. aged in oak barrels for   up to 3 years, no less than 1 year.

1800   10
Avion   10
Blue Nectar   10
Cabo Wabo   10
Cazadores   10
Don Julio   11
El Jimador   9
Herradura   11

Milagro   10
Olmeca Altos   9.5
Partida   11
Patrón   11
Puro Verde   10
Suerte   10
Tres Generaciones   11


a step-up in quality, these tequilas are more suitable for sipping.

avión reserve 44   20
don julio 1942   18
el tesoro paradiso   18
jose cuervo de la familia   18
jose cuervo platino de la familia  15

milagro single barrel reserve añejo   21
milagro single barrel reserve reposado   18
milagro single barrel reserve silver   15
puro verde reserve   20
suerte extra anejo   18

Extra Ultra-Premium

some of the finest tequilas available anywhere.

Cabo Wabo Uno   35
Casa Dragones   35
Don Julio Real   65
Gran Patron Burdeos   30

Gran Patron Platinum   35
Herradura Selección Suprema   35
Partida Elegante   35


aged to perfection, both imported and house varieties


meiomi chardonnay 10 glass/ 35 bottle

estancia pinot grigio  9 glass/ 31 bottle 

nobilo sauvignon blanc  9 glass/ 31 bottle 

meiomi pinot noir  12 glass/ 43 bottle 

ravage cabernet sauvignon  9 glass/ 31 bottle 

diseno red blend  9 glass/ 31 bottle 

House Wines:

woodbridge by robert mondavi

chardonnay   7

merlot   7

white zinfadel   7