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We’ve learned that a really good approach to customer service is to put ourselves in your shoes.

When it comes to catering, especially ordering catering for your holiday office party, the first thing that comes to mind is:

  • Will the caterer be on time?
  • Will they remember everything?
  • Will my boss (or Phyllis, who always has a complaint, or fill-in-the-blank) like what is ordered?

These questions can all be wrapped up with one term – reliability. One of the biggest obstacles our catering managers confront is, “We love Blue Mesa. The place we have been ordering from is pretty mediocre, but I am afraid if I change there may be a problem – and I will catch hell for it.” This is especially true in big offices like legal firms where an administrative assistant is given the job of ordering the holiday catering. If you are that assistant, you’re quaking in your boots that something might go wrong – and that you will get chewed out for it.

Reliability is one core reason we do more catering events than any other restaurant in North Texas – and have for over 25 years. Once you get over your fears, you’ll realize that Blue Mesa has more interesting (and better tasting) food for the same price as that sandwich place, and offers a much better presentation than that aluminum foil pan of lukewarm BBQ.

Reliability may be your threshold measure, but our intention is to create a seamless event that makes you look good and gives you a chance to partake in the holiday cheer.

So, sit back… and leave the driving to us.