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It’s the home stretch and final month of our 21st Annual Hatch Chile Festival.  Stop by any time this month (or at least until the chiles run out) and sample some of our fresh
Hatch chile specials:

Oaxaca Cheese Bites

Hatch chile wrapped cheese, battered and fried, with a sweet red chile dipping sauce ($7.50)


A hearty soup made from veal stock, hominy and Hatch chiles (cup $5.50, bowl $7)

Baja Shrimp Tacos

Hatch cheese stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, served with a veggie skewer and ginger rice ($14)

Steak Relleno Tacos

Grilled skirt steak with roasted Hatch chile, queso and pico.  Served with rice and beans ($12.50)

Hatch Combo

Steak relleno taco, Hatch chile relleno stuffed with cheese, Hatch mac ‘n cheese ($12.50) only $6 Labor Day weekend (Sat, Sun and Mon 9/2-9/4)

New Mexican Stacked Enchiladas

Shredded chicken and cheese layered in blue corn tortillas and topped with 3-chile sauce and pozole ($12 – add a fried egg for $1)

Ultimate Hatch Hot Rock Fajitas

Served sizzling on a Himalayan salt block.  Grilled skirt steak, chicken, 4 hatch-cheese stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon.  With black beans, ginger rice, guac, pico and jalapeño relish ($18 for one, $34 for two)

Relleno Revolution

A roasted Hatch chile stuffed with your favorite filling – cheese, smoked chicken, BBQ pulled pork, or shrimp and Oaxaca cheese (any 2 for $12.50, any 3 for $15)

Hatch Brownie Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, cajeta and Mexican chocolate sauces, chile pecans ($6)

Please join us and taste these world famous green chiles before they are gone. 

More sweet potato chips!

Liz & Jim

blue mesa dividers

Thank you to our Blue Mesa Grill family.

See below for a list of some of our more tenured staff that truly are the ones who make it happen every day.



Long Time Employees, Rosario and Ramauldo.  Aside from Rosario keeping up with fresh tortillas and Ramauldo running one of the fastest omelette bars in the Southwest, they both do incredible jobs of our caters and in house parties rockin’!  I dont know what we would do without them!



One of our newer employees. Great personality and attitude. Always smiling and willing to do whatever it takes. Great team leader. 


10-31 is his 19 year anniversary of employment. Hard working, committed and great customer service. His tenure with us is a testament to the person he is.



Has worked w/ us since we opened in 1999. He went from bussing tables to running our Sunday brunch buffet to becoming a head caterer. Most dependable hardworking guy I know.


One more lead caterer, has been w/ us about 8 years. She brightens up every room she enters!


A busser that turned head caterer, started w/ us when he was in high school, early age of 16. He’s graduating from UNT this year, so proud of him.

Ft Worth


Our team decided to profile William and Cortney McFarlin raised in The Blue Mesa Family.  Although they are adults working on their new careers they still are very active in Blue Mesa today, I truly believe what they have  learned in our company has translated into success in other endeavors with Cortney becoming an LPC in family counseling and thanks to William for serving in the Air Force for six years and finishing his education while working at the our restaurant.  Thanks for your leadership, and your hard work contributing to our success in Fort Worth.



Has been with us for 15 years as busser and caterer.  She keeps our Sunday brunch refilled and is always smiling.


Has been with us for 15 years – the true meaning of “handmade,heartfelt”.  Victor makes all of our desserts, sauces and dressings from scratch.


Has been with Blue Mesa for 14 years as server and our top caterer.  He has more catering clients request him than we can count.