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As 2018 winds down, we take this time to reflect on all that we are grateful for. We are amazed and humbled that we continue to thrive after 30 years plus, and how rare that is in our industry. We appreciate our employees who have worked tirelessly to provide a great dining experience. And we are especially thankful to our Chileheads and all our customers. We are
grateful for your loyalty and your patronage.

We look forward to the new year – some new surprises, more rewards for you*, and more sweet potato chips!

Happy Holidays!
from Jim, Liz, and the entire Blue Mesa and TNT/Tacos and Tequila family

*Not getting rewards yet? No problem!  Join our Chilehead Club  here and get your first reward within 48 hours!  There’s no charge to join and members are emailed monthly rewards, birthday rewards, occasional (surprise) flash rewards, and everything you need to spice things up!

blue mesa dividers

Thank you to our Blue Mesa Grill family

These are the people who truly make it happen every day!

Dallas / Addison


Long time employees, Rosario and Ramauldo.  Aside from Rosario keeping up with fresh tortillas and Ramauldo running one of the fastest omelette bars in the Southwest, they both do incredible jobs at our caterings and keep our in-house parties rockin’!
We dont know what we would do without them!


Jose has worked with us since we opened!  He went from bussing tables to running our Sunday brunch buffet to becoming a head caterer.   One of our most dependable and hardworking employees.


NJ is also a lead caterer and has been with us about 12 years. She brightens every room she enters!


A busser that earned his status as head caterer, Rodrigo started with us when he was 16 and in high school. He graduated from UNT last year and we are very proud of him!

Ft Worth


With Dennis McFarlin as General Manager, William and Cortney McFarlin were raised in The Blue Mesa Family.  Although they are adults working on their new careers, they still are very active in Blue Mesa today.  What they have  learned in our company has translated into success in other endeavors.  Cortney has an LPC in family counseling and William served in the Air Force for six years and finished his education while working at our restaurant.  We are grateful to the entire McFarlin Family for their leadership, hard work, and dedication to the success of our Fort Worth restaurant.



Has been with us for 17 years as busser and caterer.  She keeps our Sunday brunch refilled and is always smiling.


Has been with us for 17 years – the true meaning of “handmade, heartfelt”.  Victor makes all of our desserts, sauces and dressings from scratch.


Has been with Blue Mesa for 16 years as a server and one of our best caterers.  Jimmy has more catering clients request him than we can count!