Hatch Chile Festival Menu

Blue Mesa Hatch Chile Festival 2016 Logo

our menu specials are made with fresh hatch chiles

only available during the late summer harvest

oaxaca cheese bites   7.5

hatch chile wrapped cheese, battered and fried.
sweet red chile dipping sauce

new mexican stacked enchiladas   11
add a fried egg 1

shredded chicken, cheese, blue corn tortillas and pozole

pozole   cup 5.5 / bowl 7

hearty soup made from veal stock, hominy,
hatch chiles and toasted tortilla strips

relleno revolution   any two 12.5 / any three 15

a roasted hatch chile stuffed with your favorite filling
– cheese, smoked chicken, bbq pulled pork, or shrimp and oaxaca cheese

braised short ribs with hatch tomatillo sauce  17.5

hatch mac ‘n cheese and a grilled vegetable skewer

hatch cheesecake   7

our house-made cheesecake topped with a sweet candied hatch chile topping. sounds unusual. ask for a free taste.

baja shrimp   18

hatch cheese stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, sw veggie skewer,
ginger rice and hatch mac ‘n cheese

steak relleno tacos   12.5

grilled skirt steak with a roasted hatch chile,
queso and pico rice and beans

20th anniversary hatch festival t-shirt  12

hatch salsa to go  one pint 4

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