Hatch, Hatch, Baby!

It’s our 21st Hatch Chile Festival!  In the early years, we sent a driver with a truck to Hatch, New Mexico to pick up chiles at Young Guns Farms and bring them back to Texas.  From the beginning, we have been committed to only serving fresh, “Big Jim”, medium-hot, Hatch green chiles – which means only in August and September when they are harvested.  The first batch in August is the mildest, and then these famous peppers get hotter and hotter until the harvest ends.  Unless frozen, they have a very short shelf life – a couple of days.  Now that they are being sold frozen, you’ll see them everywhere – even Heinz makes a ketchup with Hatch green chiles!  But, like our whole menu, we think fresh is best. 
It’s our claim to fame.

Hatch Chile Facts

  • One fresh medium-sized green chile pod has as much Vitamin C as
    six oranges.
  • One teaspoon of dried red chile powder has the daily requirements of
    Vitamin A.
  • Hot chile peppers burn calories by triggering a thermodynamic burn in the body, which speeds up the metabolism.
  • Teas & lozenges are made with chile peppers for the treatment of a sore throat.
  • Capsaicinoids, the chemical that make chile peppers hot, are used in muscle patches for sore and aching muscles.
  • Chile peppers are relatives of tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants, all belonging to the nightshade family.
  • The color extracted from very red chile pepper pods, oleoresin, is used in everything from lipstick to processed meats.
  • There are 26 known species of chile pepper, five of which are domesticated.

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