18th Annual Hatch Chile Festival


The Blue Mesa 18th Hatch Green Chile Festival continues. Our friend, Simon, keeps after us all year, “When are you going to have that soup? Why don’t you have that soup? Where’s my soup?” You mean pozole, Simon. “Yeah, that one. It’s the best! How come it’s not on your menu all the time?” Because it’s only available August and September when we get those chiles fresh, right after they’re harvested in Hatch, New Mexico. We don’t use canned or frozen Hatch, or other green chiles and call them Hatch. So, Simon (and all the rest of you wonderful Chileheads), your pozole is waiting for you.

What makes it such a great soup? One key is we start by searing veal shank and sautéing it with onions and garlic. Then we puree roasted Hatch chiles with spinach, cilantro and other green vegetables and add that to soup. Of course, what makes pozole pozole is hominy and lots of herbs and spices. We add them and simmer the soup a good while, letting the flavors develop. Take out the bone, add your favorite toppings, and serve.

You can make your own but, like Simon, it’s easier to enjoy at your neighborhood Blue Mesa. Anyway, we like to see the pleasure on your face and the beads of sweat on your forehead as you dive into a bowl.


asadero cheese bites

hatch chile wrapped cheese, battered and fried. hatch salsa verde and sweet red chile sauce for dipping | 5


hearty soup made from veal stock, hominy, hatch chiles and toasted tortillas strips

cup | 5           bowl | 6

steak relleno tacos

grilled skirt steak topped with a roasted hatch chile, queso and pico.

rice and beans | 12

seared cajun shrimp

tomatoes and corn with hatch-pozole grits | 17

stacked enchiladas

chicken, cheese, and blue corn tortillas with hatch-pozole sauce | 11

hatch chile rellenos

choose from three versions of this great new mexican chile – cheese, smoked chicken, or shrimp and Oaxaca cheese

any 2 | 12       all 3 | 12

hatch brownie sundae

blue bell vanilla ice cream, tequila-cajeta sauce and chile pecans | 6

18th annual hatch chile festival t-shirt

while they last | 10

take home some hatch salsa

one pint | 4